Monday, December 15, 2008

michelle o. and shoes...

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I'm sure you've seen the pictures and/or heard the stories about Michelle Obama's sense of style - well at least about her clothes. But we don't hear much about her shoes! (ladies, we all know the shoes are equally important, if not more!)

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Standing 5'll'', surely she wears a size 10 or larger. (heck, I'm 5'8'' and, proportionally, my shoe size is a 10.) Oftentimes, during the campaign trail and beyond, Michelle was spotted wearing black heels with at least an inch or lower heel. (yes, I remember those white kitten shoes!) With Barack being almost 6'2'', it probably explains why she did and still do. (well along with all the standing and walking, she probably made comfort her #1 priority.) plus, her outifts were oftentimes hot! (with the exception of that dress that she wore on election night at grant's park....horrible!) so which is it: does the shoes complement the outift or does the outfit complement the shoes?

ok, back to the lecture at hand...

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With all the talk about her dress for the Inauguration Ball (cause many are being planned, but the President-elect gets to choose which are official or which are not), I can't help but think of what will her shoes look like?

Kitten heel? Flats? High Heel?

Metallic Leather? Black? Satin? Suede? Studs? Clear? (I hope not!)
Which designers? Samanta? Manolo? Bettye Muller? Moschino? Stuart Weitzman? Louboutin?

Which ever pair of shoes the First Lady-to be have on with that ball gown, I'm almost certain, it'll be fierce yet classy, a "head turner" yet modest, chic yet graceful...just like how Michelle has presented herself.

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