Wednesday, December 31, 2008

:: FRESH FRIDAY:: J. Bolin the Celebrity Stylist

Living a dream

In the global fashion circles, the name J. Bolin is never far away - as such his bond with the world of individualistic style. His fashion fantasies reignited when his goal oriented soul influenced him to live his dreams.

They say a journey starts with a single step, and in knowing that to be true, J. Bolin took that first step. In little time, J. Bolin became a runway success as his lavish fashion shows and eccentric twists of designs of fashion styling caught on with his idiosyncractic-yet-sophisticated clientele. His passion is a big driver for him; he loves what he does. His talent offers him the ability to be happy while making others happy. Jason believes his fashion sense reflects his happiness and hopes this styling will give people permission to be truly who they are.

J. Bolin has judged and coordinated pageants throughout the state of Mississippi, not to mention he styled for Miss Mississippi 2007, Kimberly Morgan. His clientele includes Dewayne Woods, Myron Butler, Onitsha, and many others. Also, he styled for International Fashion Week, he worked with designers: RocaWear, Akademiks, BabyPhat, and Madernnistik Couture to name a few.

His works truly speaks for itself. No explanations needed. From image consulting to men & women's makeovers to Fashion and wardrobe styling to photo shoots, J. Bolin is the master of taking simple and turning it into fabulous.

J. Bolin recently launched his own clothing line - J. Bolin presents nikinikol, an intelligent couture clothing line full of doll inspired pieces to suit grown-up sensibilities and exceed the expectancies one's imgination could ever began to fathom! J. Bolin states that this line embodies the unification of Michelle Obama's impeccable fashion sense and grace meets the youthful glam of Beyonce, and become one in Fashion.

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