Friday, December 19, 2008

:: FRESH FRIDAY :: Kenneth's Custom Clothes

Be seen... Be Admired... Bespoken

Kenneth's Custom Clothes is truly the essence of just that...being seen, being admired, and being spoken about amongst those who desire custom clothing. Kenneth's Custom Clothes believes that tailored clothing is one device that enhances, empowers, and delivers a powerful statement of one's self-worth.

Knowing that oftentimes, your appearance speaks before you do, the fashion architect behind the silk ties, the bling-bling studded tops, and custom suits for both men and women - KennethLloyd - believes that every time you are seen, make the best impression you can possibly make. Kenneth's Custom Clothes aspires to become your preferred choice in bepoken style and expression while providing each customer with high quality garments, coupled with outstanding selection, sales, and service, at a competitive price.

Choosing Kenneth's is choosing a garment that not only fits you but strongly compliments your uniqueness because its created to your specificity and exactly according to your conception!

For more information about how to be admired...bepsoken, contact Kenneth's Custom Clothes at:

Red August will feature a fresh individual each Friday at FRESH FRIDAY. Stay tuned!

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