Friday, January 16, 2009


Capturing a glimpse

Red August knows first-hand about MicFontaine and his love for what he do. Whether he is at a photo shoot or out & about in Atlanta, Houston, or the rest of the world, he shows passion in each glimpse he catches through his camera lens.

"photographs could reach eternity through the moment."
~ Henri Cartier-Bresson

From the heart of the south by way of the Mississippi Delta, an audacious visionary, gifted mentor and compelling trendsetter makes his imprint in the visual arts world. As a professional dedicated to his craft, Mic Fontaine utilizes creative visual concepts coupled with innovative photographic skills to create indisputable visual masterpieces.

With perfection, Mic Fontaine seems to capture the very essence of his subject. Captivated by the beautiful images that he saw on the covers of magazines, Mic Fontaine developed a deep fascination and appreciation for photography. This drove him to purchase his first camera as gift to himself upon earning his MBA. His deep passion and unrelenting drive to capture the perfect image quickly lead him to reach within himself to unleash the passion for identifying style and beauty through the lens of a camera.

Mic Fontaine states, “My work is my passion. It is the essence of who I am. It is part of my soul. It is my way of expressing my love to the world. It embodies my lost love, my greatest triumphs and my hope for tomorrow. It is my desires and my transgressions. It is my greatest sacrifice my greatest strength, my greatest vulnerability and my greatest joy. It is my one truth, my shot heard around the world, my dream manifested. It is my unquenchable thirst. It is my zone, my playing field. It is uniquely me.”

Mic Fontaine's first foray into the world of fashion photography was through his friend and mentor Celebrity Photographer Derek Blanks. Mic Fontaine worked as Blanks photography assistant and would often drive 12 hours roundtrip to Atlanta to attend photo shoots while moonlighting from his job as a Higher Education Executive. This experience proved to be invaluable for Mic Fontaine as he leveraged the knowledge, insight, and experience from Blanks to start his own studio.

Mic Fontaine sports an impressive client list that ranges from corporate giants such Verizon Wireless, Diaego North America and Carson Softsheen cosmetics. Mic Fontaine is staged to become one of America's top photographers, but even more important to him is his commitment to help others to achieve their dreams. Mic Fontaine takes great pride in assisting in the development of other prospective photographers, makeup artists, and wardrobe stylists from his home state of Mississippi.

Today, Mic Fontaine’s passion, professionalism and persistent zeal for photographic excellence are all qualities that distinguish him from his colleagues. Mic Fontaine is presently working on several initiatives to further enhance his skills while striving to become a household name and a giant in fashion photography.

Keep your eyes and ears open and make room for the man, the visionary, the visual artist extraordinaire, MIC FONTAINE.

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